Pledges of Jubilee: Essays on the Arts and Culture

Pledges of Jubilee: Essays on the Arts and Culture. Edited by Lambert Zuidervaart and Henry Luttikhuizen. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1995.

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Produced in honor of Calvin G. Seerveld, this volume highlights Seerveld’s legacy as a scholar, teacher, and cultural leader even as it breaks new ground in the fields of cultural theory and aesthetics.

The introduction discusses the importance of Seerveld’s contributions to the study of the arts and culture, summarizes the essays in this collection, and relates them to themes in Seerveld’s work. The volume’s fourteen essays extend Seerveld’s efforts to new areas and probe the traditions on which his efforts rely. An open letter from Nicholas Wolterstorff and a bibliography of Seerveld’s writings begin and conclude the volume. United by the cross-fertilizing of theory, criticism, and history, and sharing a concern to help transform culture through Christian scholarship, all of these essays make a fitting tribute to Seerveld, a Reformational interdisciplinarian par excellence.

An Ethos of Compassion and the Integrity of Creation

An Ethos of Compassion and the Integrity of Creation. Brian J. Walsh, Hendrik Hart, Robert E. VanderVennen, editors. 1995

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Essays presented at ICS's 25th anniversary conference which consider anew the strengths and weakness of creation order in the light of an ethos of compassion. The book suggests new answers to old questions.