Inheriting Identity and Practicing Transformation: The Time of Feminist Politics

Hoff, Shannon. "Inheriting Identity and Practicing Transformation: The Time of Feminist Politics." philoSOPHIA: A Journal of Continental Feminism, 2 (2), 2012: 167-193.

My purpose in this paper is to work through the issue of what it means to live in the temporal dimensions of past, present, and future—what it means to inherit an already meaningful world, to be an individual in the present, and to be propelled into an uncertain future—so as to provide a general framework by which to interpret the history of feminist thought. I explain these different temporal dimensions in terms of the (respective) ideas of cultivation, universality, and transformation, identifying the positive and negative significance of each and also the demand that the tensions among them be negotiated. Finally, I will show that feminist justice is in fact found here, as answerability to all three—to communities of cultivation, to the demands of universality, and to the inconclusiveness and transformability of human identity.