Personal Memories of God-given Opportunities 1959-1972 at Trinity Christian College in Chicagoland USA

Calvin G. Seerveld & Inès Seerveld, 2018

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Various speeches made at Trinity home-comings in the 1990s with reflections on the early years of Trinity's special place for philosophy in the curriculum. Mention of the Seerveld Art Gallery and "Art in Society" project, concluded by a meditation on Psalm 71.

Never Try to Arouse Erotic Love Until...

Calvin G. Seerveld, 2018

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A companion study book to Cal's earlier translation of the Old Testament Biblical Song of Songs, The Greatest Song, in critique of Solomon. This book contains provocative questions for discussion, reflection on friendship, and comment on redeeming spoiled love.

Faith & Settlement Partnerships Case Study Resources

The results of a long-term SSHRC-funded case study conducted by the CPRSE in partnership with the Centre for Community Based Research, World Renew, the Peel Newcomer Strategy Group, and other organizations have been published. The study was conducted in and around the GTA: in Toronto, Peel, the Waterloo region, and London. Its intent was to explore existing partnerships between faith-based and government-funded settlement organizations in Ontario. The study's results have been made available in a number of formats:

1) Resource Packet (including Facilitator's Guide and webinar)
2) Peel Case Study Report
3) World Renew Case Study Report

In particular, the CPRSE's involvement in co-authoring the Facilitator's Guide and co-conducting the webinar on the use of this Guide are both products of this study that are worthy of note. Since a major outcome of this study was to highlight strategies and practices these settlement organizations employed, and to consider both their impact and potential moving forward, these resources in particular are intended to be shared widely among community leaders (both faith-based and public) and to enable community discussions and shape best practices.

The Facilitator's Guide, the webinar, the full case reports, and other resources are all available via the links in the image above.