Truth Matters: Heidegger and Horkheimer in Dialectical Disclosure.

Zuidervaart, Lambert. “Truth Matters: Heidegger and Horkheimer in Dialectical Disclosure.” Telos, no. 145 (Winter 2008): 131-60.

This article examines two seminal essays from the 1930s, one by Martin Heidegger and the other by Max Horkheimer. I show that they have more in common then one might first expect and that each serves to correct the other on the question of how propositional truth connects with larger issues of life and society. I develop this dialectical critique in order to propose my own account of truth. A longer version under the same title appears in the booklet Phenomenology and Critical Theory, ed. Christina Rawls (Pittsburgh: Duquesne University, The Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center, 2008), 38-66.

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