Ways of wisdom: multiple modes of meaning in pedagogy and andragogy.

Blomberg, Douglas Gordon. “Ways of Wisdom: Multiple Modes of Meaning in Pedagogy and Andragogy.” In Ways of Knowing: In Concert, pp. 123-146. Ed. J. Kok. Sioux Center, IA: Dordt Press, 2005.

This article is motivated by twin concerns. The first is with the talents of people that are often unrecognised in schools. The second is the Bible’s teaching on gifts, hand in hand with its central injunction to seek God’s justice. The shape of formal education is fundamentally an issue of justice: how may we deal equitably with the lives of young people compelled to submit to a regime that is supposed to do them good? I explore the understanding that knowing has many forms besides the analytical, that the love of wisdom rather than the acquisition of knowledge should be primary, and how an approach building on these themes would promote the goals of “quality schooling”.

Rainbows for the Fallen World

Calvin G. Seerveld, 2005

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Germinal essays showing how imaginativity can invigorate daily life, including schooling, and why "allusivity" is key to artistry. The biblical charter for Christians making art is spelled out, and suggestions are given for working communally at a redemptive culture amid our brilliant, needy artworld.

Voicing God's Psalms

Calvin G. Seerveld, 2005

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Original, fresh translations of Older and New Testament biblical psalms, highlighting the rough and tender tenor of God's voice to us today. Thematic and historical settings and singable versifications are given. An accompanying CD features Seerveld reading the psalms, with select versifications skillfully rendered by solo recorder (Cal Stapert).

A William B. Eerdmans publication available by special permission to personal Canadian addresses.

Radical Orthodoxy and the Reformed Tradition: Creation, Covenant, and Participation

Radical Orthodoxy and the Reformed Tradition: Creation, Covenant, and Participation. James K.A. Smith and James H. Olthuis, editors. 2005

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In this collection, scholars explore the points of convergence and disagreement between the Reformed tradition and the anglo-Catholic movement known as Radical Orthodoxy on such topics as the eucharist, history of philosophy, and cultural criticism. Includes essays by ICS faculty as well as by John Milbank and Graham Ward.