Wisdom and Curriculum: Christian Schooling After Postmodernity

Blomberg, Douglas Gordon. Wisdom and curriculum: Christian schooling after postmodernity. Sioux Center, IA: Dordt Press, 2007.

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Wisdom and Curriculum explores a biblical view of wisdom as a basis for a Christian approach to schooling, proposing an alternative to the conventional model grounded in the theory into practice paradigm of Classical philosophy. The comparison of pre-modern biblical notions with those characterised as ‘postmodern’ is of particular interest, as there are perhaps surprising resonances with – and of course, quite significant differences from – the latter. The book is informed by theological and philosophical insights and is firmly contextualised in the scholarly literature. In style and substance, however, it seeks to address teachers first and foremost, with a focus on supporting them in their professional calling. Indeed, the book has a noticeable biographical tenor, as Blomberg often references his own experience as a teacher and curriculum developer at Mount Evelyn Christian School and elsewhere.

This book is under contract for publication in Korean.