The Arts, Community and Cultural Democracy

The Arts, Community and Cultural Democracy. Edited by Lambert Zuidervaart and Henry Luttikhuizen. London: Macmillan Press; New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2000. ICS Library: NX180 .S6 A773 1999 c.1-3

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This interdisciplinary and international collection explores the role of the arts in shaping contemporary religion and politics. The authors ask about the future of viable communities and democratic cultures in a postmodern world. They look for clues in artistic practices and institutions, and in their impact on how people create history and interpret texts. Part I (Politics of Culture) describes economic, technological and political barriers to cultural democracy and suggests how they can be overcome. Part II (Institutions of Art) examines the impact of these barriers on the arts and shows how contemporary artists and their communities can respond. Part III (Questions of Interpretation) investigates the role of creative interpretation in forming open communities and contesting illegitimate authority. Part IV (Creations of History) carries this investigation into the field of art history, illustrating how artists and art historians have addressed issues of communal identity and cultural democracy in various settings.