On Being a Reformational Philosopher: Spirituality, Religion, and the Call to Love

Lecture to the ICS "Scripture, Faith, and Scholarship" seminar. Lambert Zuidervaart. November 14, 2014.

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A Christian philosopher continually seeks to align the spiritual orientation of his or her philosophical practices and their results with the scriptures-within-worship of the Christian community, insofar as this authoritative touchstone discloses the God of love—preferably doing this within a religiously inflected tradition of scholarship—while remaining vigilant in the pursuit of alignment and open to having one’s philosophy spiritually reoriented by God’s self-disclosure.

Christian philosophy is a spiritually oriented response, both in practices and in results, to the God of love, faithful to the scriptures-within-worship, and ever open to the surprising ways in which God calls and guides and inspires us to follow Jesus along the pathways of love.


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